Three first things

Three first things

Carmen's first business travel, her surprising first evaluation and her first after work. 

Do you remember the first time you had to go to the client premises? What do you consider most important when you're at a client?

My first time at a client was travelling alone to Mannheim by train for 3.5 hours for a 45-minute meeting and then travelling straight back. We were collaborating with a hospital and one of the doctors insisted on a meeting in person.

My project manager was very considerate and was trying to talk the client out of this as it would require me travelling for 7 hours for a 45-minute meeting. But in fact, for me it was quite thrilling! I didn't mind the travel at all and could use the time to prepare for this important meeting.

I was quite nervous and frankly also exhausted when I got there but everything went very well. The important thing is to always be yourself even with the client - we are all humans after all. Being honest and showing real and genuine interest is very important to me in order to build a strong relationship with the client.

Do you remember the first time you had your evaluation discussion with your coach? What did you learn?

My first evaluation discussion with my former coach was not a great experience at all - or at least it was not how I imagined it. Through this experience I learned a lot about myself. and that coaching and developing other people is very important to me.

Being a coach myself today, my aim is I would take the needed time to listen and understand the other person. For me feedback and evaluation discussions are an integral part for growth, so I always try to take as much time as needed for my coachee for her to feel valued, understood and appreciated.

Do you remember what you thought/felt the first time you attended an afterwork? Do you consider this type of event important for your professional development?

To be honest, I am not much of an afterwork party fan and I have never attended one of the official famous PwC after work parties. However, I do enjoy grabbing a drink or dinner with my teammates occasionally.

I remember my first time very vividly. It was a few days after I joined PwC and there was a group of people in my old team that used to meet for drinks or after work activities on a regular basis. I was very surprised but happy when they asked me out of the blue if I would like to join as I was a new joiner. This showed me how open, nice and inclusive my colleagues are.

Since then, I always make sure to invite every new joiner to an informal gathering for them to feel welcomed. - gemeinsam studieren ist besser
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