Houda goes aheader to secure her client’s cloud nine

Houda goes aheader to secure her client’s cloud nine
Do you recall a specific moment that defined your future professional life?
Initially coming from a business background, I first learned that PwC offers cybersecurity services at a recruitment event. Hearing that my educational background was even sought for and valuable in PwC's Cybersecurity practice, I was totally motivated to start this professional journey. This trust in my abilities has taken me to my current position, in which I function as the link between IT and business matters. My job has a purpose, and my work is extremely relevant for my clients, as I help them stay ahead of any digital threats.

What are your daily responsibilities?
I love what I do and, to me, it's exciting every day: I act as a link between IT and business. I translate business threat landscapes and change regulatory requirements into effective security strategies; I drive cybersecurity change initiatives and implement security solutions. With our responsibility to safeguard clients from cyberthreats, a steep learning curve and great personal development is guaranteed. No two days are alike, as our clients' needs and problems are constantly changing. 

What do you find fascinating about cybersecurity and why?
It amazes me how cybersecurity and privacy are relevant for everyone, for organisational units of a company as well as for our private lives. With every technical device we use and every electronic door we walk through, cybersecurity is present. What used to be a rather geeky topic is now discussed among business leaders and across industries. 

How quickly does your job change in these fast-changing times?
Very quickly – both the topics and threats are changing faster than ever. My job has one single component that remains steady and that is working towards the goal to safeguard our clients from the emerging cyberthreats. Setting this intention helps me to focus and to deliver high quality work. Of course, staying on top of the game needs constant evaluation and personal development. PwC supports us to stay fit for all these challenges. 

What kind of clients do you have?
Our clients are as diverse as the Swiss market. I am not focused on one industry in particular, as I enjoy the valuable insights and learnings from working for all kinds of clients. 

We work for companies across Switzerland as well as for international organisations. They grant us a high level of trust that allows us to collaborate effectively. We question the status quo, find unconventional solutions to the threats that they are facing and thereby drive transformation to lead in a digital future. 

In uncertain times – like the ones we are facing at the moment – they are especially thankful for our support. If we leave our customers with a certain feeling of readiness, we have done a good job.

What does "trust to go aheader" mean to you?
For me, it means to be brave and to believe in the process, in my team and in my ability to face change and transformation in the best way possible. Especially during these uncertain times, sometimes a coffee break with your colleague or friend is all the strength and feeling of unity that you need. It empowers me to trust in my abilities, my colleagues and technology, and to shape my own development journey. Yes, I can say: together, we go aheader to make the digital world a safer space.

What makes Cybersecurity at PwC Switzerland especially challenging and exciting?
Cybersecurity at PwC Switzerland is a great place for people who enjoy teamwork and are hungry for knowledge. We have a strong and diversified team that consists of people of different backgrounds and capabilities, which allows you to learn from each and everyone. Our work is very exciting and constantly developing: We experience first-hand how cybersecurity is evolving. The challenge is to remain up to date, establish trust in modern technologies and manage the responsibilities for your clients to the highest standard.  

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